A New Way To Examine For Oral Disease!


 Better screening saves lives.®

The VELSCOPE Vx Device is an oral cancer screening system that was developed to help oral healthcare professionals identify, evaluate, monitor and mark abnormal oral cell lesions suspicious for pathology including precancerous and cancerous cells that may be difficult to see during a regular visual exam.

Oral cancer is on the increase unlike the cervical cancer, testicular cancer, and breast cancer, which are fewer cases because of early detection. The statistics are highly favourable: when discovered early, the five year survival rate for oral cancer patients is about 83%. Unfortunately, most cases of oral cancer are discovered in the late stages, when the five year survival rate drops to around 50%.

At Dr. Cernea’s office we are being proactive and we are completing an Oral Cancer Screening using the VELSCOPE Vx device to supplement the traditional intra and extra oral head and neck exam (also referred to as “the comprehensive oral exam” or COE). We are embracing the use of this device to help detect abnormal oral tissue such as potential cancerous or pre cancerous lesions that are not apparent or sometimes not even visible with the naked eye alone. Exams can be more thorough and any suspicious areas can be quickly referred to an oral pathologist who can investigate further with a biopsy and diagnose the findings.

The VELSCOPE Vx handheld device emits a harmless, bright, blue light, which is used to inspect the mouth and the tongue. The device is extremely sensitive to abnormal tissues changes and the distinctive blue-spectrum light causes the soft tissue of the mouth to naturally fluoresce. Healthy tissues fluoresce in distinct patterns that are visibly disrupted by trauma or disease, such as fungal, viral, or bacterial infections.  Its use in everyday practice can provide timely information to dentist and hygienist to enable earlier detection of abnormal tissues and provide better outcomes for patients.

As health care providers, we play a vital role in patients’ oral and overall health.  The use of the VELSCOPE Vx device can help detect hidden lesions before the have the chance to progress, and this will improve patients’ chances of living a healthy life. The detection of the disease in its early stages constitutes an important phase of prevention and treatment.

Please feel free to contact our dental office @ 519 850-3888 If you have any further questions about the Oral Cancer Screening Exam.

By Gema