The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition where one stops breathing while sleeping.  The word apnea means ‘no breathing’, and sleep apnea refers to pauses in breathing that occur during sleep.

With each episode of apnea, blood oxygen levels are reduced and sleep is disturbed resulting in a brief. This condition has been linked with an increased risk for  high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and even death.  Snoring is one indication you may have sleep apnea; grinding your teeth is another.  Sleep apnea may cause you to feel constantly tired due to lack of continuous sleep.

A visit to your family doctor can help determine whether you are at risk for sleep apnea and the measures required to improve your sleep and prevent unwanted health complications.

If you are diagnosed having sleep apnea, come in to discuss alternative options to the CPAP machine.  We offer innovative appliances to open your airway and allow you to get that good night rest.

What’s in a toothbrush


Why bother with an electric toothbrush?  Doesn’t a manual toothbrush work just as well?  What about the $10 battery-operated toothbrush I can purchase from the drugstore? 

These are just a few questions that we hear from our patients when it comes to electric toothbrushes.  And every person has a way of maintaining their oral health that works for them.  But what if it’s not working?  What if your’re not spending enough time brushing your teeth?  What if you’re brushing too hard and you’re actually removing enamel and gum tissue?  What if you’re not adapting your toothbrush properly resulting in plaque being left behind and gums not being stimulated?  That’s when it’s time to discuss a Sonicare electric toothbrush.  Sonicare is a leading manufacturer of electric toothbrushes and the # 1 recommended company for electric toothbrushes by dental professionals.  What makes it different from a manual toothbrush or a cheaper battery-operated toothbrush?  Sonicare toothbrushes feature sonic technology that allows their brushes to reach approximately 31,000 brush strokes a minute with a high bristle velocity.  Translation?  These toothbrushes create a cleaning action that drives toothpaste fluid into the tight spots between your teeth and along your gum line resulting in gentle yet highly effective plaque removal and healthier gums.  Why not come in and talk to us about which Sonicare toothbrush is right for you?  Remember, we at Guiltinan family dentistry sell Sonicare at manufactures cost (for below retail price) and we charge no sales tax.


Thanks for noticing

Recently, a patient said to me “everytime I come to your office, there is something new or/and or different.  We take that as a compliment!

This is truly a progressive office which is continually updating and learning new techniques through continuing education. We keep what works and add what improves us.   Thanks for noticing.


A word from Dr. Guiltinan

We at Guiltinan family dentistry love providing dental care.  How it helps people by providing quality in their lives, they smile more, they eat better, they feel better.  Pretty powerful!

We interact with our patients on a preventive level, giving them the tools and the ability and the understanding to be proactive in their dental health.

We can “put the fires out” when things have gotten out of control.  We can remove and manage pain.  We can rebuild mouths when a change occurs where our patients see and value their needs and allow themselves to pursue dental excellence for cosmetic and functional maximization.

Allow us to help no matter where on your journey you are.  We care deeply.

Dr. Chris Guiltinan


More Than a Dental Office

Quite often we have patients comment “I can’t believe we are having this conversation here”, and that’s because it has nothing to do with dental work.  One mom mentioned she over heard our hygienist helping her child out with homework, and was amazed she was getting that kind of support from her dental office.

In general most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist.  I think from the comments I hear from our patients, our office must be the exception to the rule.  On a regular basis I hear someone say “I was so looking forward to this visit, I always have so much fun here.”  Parents will comment how their kids are asking when their next dental visit is because they are so eager and excited to come.

Even those who have been somewhat reluctant and apprehensive about dental work have come to appreciate how the office atmosphere and the care received have enabled them to be willing participants in the overall health of their teeth.

We are in the business of taking care of teeth yet we are so much more.  check us out!

‘Tis the Season

It is nearing the end of another year, and our dental office is coming up to it’s 5 year anniversary at this wonderful location.  We’ve repainted, updated our reception area and created a beautiful salt water fish tank.

Our Christmas lights are up and the season for all denominations is beginning to feel festive.  Many people have sometime off work and the kids are off school.  It might be a great time to book your dental appointments for a checkup and cleaning , or the fillings you don’t have time for or that crown or bridge or maybe dental whitening.  It makes good sense, especially if your benefits end with the year’s end.  Come by and see us at 1463 Adelaide St. North.    Dr. Chris.

The Role of the Treatment coordinator

Recently my role at Guiltinan Family Dentistry has expanded.  The position of treatment coordinator is an exciting addition to my other various responsibilities.  Within the office, we strive to enable patients to make well informed decisions regarding their dental health.   As treatment coordinator, I have the opportunity to share my 25yrs+ dental knowledge as I consult with our patients and discuss their recommended treatment and answer any questions.  I am able to walk patients through the maze of dental insurance, and will assist in developing a strategy that will facilitate the decision making process toward the ideal oral health care  patients expect.  We are always looking for ways to improve your experience in our dental office and this is one small step in that direction.


Do you suffer from jaw pain?

jaw pain

The unfortunate thing about dentistry is we tend to focus on the teeth and not so much on the bigger picture. Yes, I am talking about our TMJ sufferers.  Dr. Guiltinan noticed that something had to be done.  With that said, I had the privilege to be chosen from our team to accompany Dr. Guiltinan to the Las Vegas Institute.  We took a course to further our skills and to not only bring this new knowledge to the practice but to our jaw pain sufferers.  The course focused on how most of our dental concerns, especially those of you who clench and grind your teeth, are actually related to our jaw joint.  The ever constant, ever hurtful “TMJ issues”.  Dr. Guiltinan and I have come back with a new understanding of how the muscles that move our jaw can be in constant compensation and strain looking for that “comfortable” position, even more so if we already have the tendency to clench or grind.  Little did we know that this is what is causing alot of pain, from headaches to back pain, even tingling or numbness in the fingertips.  We learned from our course that this is a very treatable condition.  And we have brought the expertise and equipment to our practice.  Think it’s too good to be true?  I urge you to come into our office and see for yourself!

Lindy (Dental Assistant)


At Guiltinan Family Dentistry, we are now pleased to offer more choices in custom protective sportsguards.  We make comfortable custom guards in a variety of colours and thicknesses for both junior and senior athletes, suitable for both contact and non-contact sports.

For the elite athlete, we are now able to provide Under Armour performance enhancing mouthguards and mouthpieces.  Armourbite products are engineered to make any athlete stronger, faster, and better.  Game on!

by Heather (Hygienist)

A word from our hygienist Gema

Working at Dr. Guiltinan’s is like being part of a gold-medal winning sports team.  From the time our patients are greeted at the door, to their moments in our treatment rooms, to when they are ready to leave, every player on our team fulfills their function like synchronized swimmers making sure every patient gets the best quality care.  In fact, we’re more than a team, we’re family.  And every time we see a new patient or a familiar face, our family grows a little stronger.  It is strengthened because every patient walks away with a great experience and excellent dental care.  I am truly privileged to be part of such a great office and I know our patients feel the same way.