Sportsguards (for contact or non-contact sports)

Sportsguard protection is recommended for anyone who is involved with a sport.   We have three levels to choose from:

  1. When you are involved in contact sport we would recommend the two layered option that provides greater protection.
  2. Non-contact sports a one-layered guard would be sufficient.
  3. For the more serious minded sport enthusiast we are able to provide you with an Under Armour Mouthguard, which enables a 12-17% increase in your strenghth (as claimed by Under Armour) by:
  • Increasing Oxygen Intake
  • Decreasing Lactic acid
  • Decreasing Cortisol (stress hormone)

“Most athletes clench their jaws when they’re training hard or competing. It’s a natural response—but one that hurts performance. UA’s ArmourBite® Performance Pack brings athletes patented jaw-positioning technology that maximizes air intake to increase endurance and improve your reaction time by up to 12%. With ArmourBite®, your body will produce up to 25% less energy-sapping lactic acid so you can deliver an up to 20% stronger performance.
Give your training or game-day routine a boost that’s been scientifically proven.”  (Under Armour Website)